What happens when two thirtysomething siblings relive the summer reading programs of their youth in an all-out battle of the books? The race is on as they read by the rules and keep tally on their logs to see who will be the ultimate reader by Labor Day 2010.

June 29, 2010

The Contestants

In this wing chair, we have Kerry. She spent her first 30 years reading "good books" and gaining degrees in English Literature. She then had children, and began choosing her books by publisher (Red Dress Ink anyone?). I'm sorry to say that she rarely remembers the titles of the books she reads (in fact, she might be rereading a book she read last summer, but isn't exactly sure), but she does derive deep pleasure in meaningless popular fiction.

In the other wing chair sits Brendan. An actor who makes a living crafting words together. A person who embraces book lists and has spent the better part of a decade in the pursuit of reading the 100 Best Novels. His personality saves him from his hobbies.

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