What happens when two thirtysomething siblings relive the summer reading programs of their youth in an all-out battle of the books? The race is on as they read by the rules and keep tally on their logs to see who will be the ultimate reader by Labor Day 2010.

July 12, 2010

In Defense of Reading (The Bachelorette Party, Karen McCullah Lutz)

You'll all be happy to know that my daughter is finally on antibiotics, so chances are high that she (and I) will sleep soundly tonight. Besides, I didn't make it to the library today and am all out of a fresh supply of chick-lit.

But, really, why the fuss over whether I'm reading high- or low-brow literature? Last night, my husband watched "Ice Road Truckers". I read 100 pages of "The Bachelorette Party". What's the difference? It's not as if either of us made the world a better place through either choice.

Before settling on a channel, I noted that we could have selected "10 Things I Hate About You" or "Legally Blonde", or even streamed "The Ugly Truth" via Netflix. (God Bless America) In honor of these myriad entertainment options, all in which Karen McCullah Lutz shares screenwriting credit, of course I had to finish her book.

I love when screenwriters decide to write a novel (I'm sure Brendan will chime in with several examples). The book reads just like the movie would, with just a little extra description. The pace is fast, the story moves along quickly and, even if you're not really into the plot, you know you're just racing toward closure. "The Bachelorette Party" is completely unapologetic and never once attempts to be any more than a quick, fun read. Really, with jacket blurbs from Heather Graham and Selma Blair, how could you possibly take it seriously?


  1. Are you kidding me? I read a take-out menu last night and I'm not looking for credit.

    Oh, and "The Princess Bride" by William Goldman, which I think is more novelistic than cinematic. That whole false beginning about his third-grade teacher and the fake Princess Bride mythology.

  2. Also, "City of Thieves" by David Benioff.