What happens when two thirtysomething siblings relive the summer reading programs of their youth in an all-out battle of the books? The race is on as they read by the rules and keep tally on their logs to see who will be the ultimate reader by Labor Day 2010.

August 6, 2010

Brendan's Underhanded Strategies

I've been getting some flack for reading my brother into such a deep, dark hole. Choosing fluff instead of his weightier tomes. Brendan claims I've done stuff like send him mocking texts (untrue; they were encouraging) and vicious voicemails (false; I rarely call him). I may have emailed him something like, "Post something!", although that was more a response to my friends making complete fun of me for being the only person blogging here.

Brendan plays the part of the innocent very well. It's time to expose him.

Yesterday, this postcard appeared in the mail, addressed to my husband:

Are you all still rooting for Team Brendan?

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